Friday, November 21, 2008

Best Christmas Pageant Ever. Possible.

So, I was all inspired after taking that Basic Acting Class at our local children's theatre. So when they passed out fliers about the latest auditions, I was soo excited. They were doing the Best Christmas Pageant Ever. That's my most favorite christmas story in the world.

I was a bit daunted at the fact that more then 100 kids tryed out, not to mention all the adults. So I ended up in the Angel Choir. I get to wear an angel costume (with a fashionable giant gold bow on the front), and sing christmas carols. Pretty much what my church is doing the christmas pageant, except six more times and a lot more stressful. The little old lady directing it is a tyrant, and the kids there are snobs. And I can't quit I'm in this for the next two months. This is what my December calendar looks like:
That is all practices and performances. They have now also added one more on a Wednesday. Argh.

A few weeks Dad came home and started singing to himself a song: "Yes, we have no bananas". Now the whole family is singing it. We have worked it into our conversations. It's true. We have bananas. It's following us everywhere. I actually saw this in the fridge, while humming it. Hmmm... It's some kind of sign.

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