Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Welcome to Blanchard!

My grandparent's live just outside Norman, Oklahoma, home of OU. They also live just outside a town of estimated 1000 people. Blanchard. Now Norman is pretty cool, aren't all college towns? But Blanchard.... The stores there are Dollar General, Spencers, Video Rentals, and a "Day Spa". The "historic downtown" is 10 rundown brick buildings with a Subway, flower shop, a store-front church that runs the bubble tea coffee shop next door... and a salon. The library is tiny, which is a big problem for me.

But the youth is even weirder. The latest trend for teen girls is casual... too casual. It involves t shirts and sweats, big football jackets, fake maroon uggs, and huge, godzilla size designer bags. no kidding.

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